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Unique experiences, services, and personalized information all in one app

You'll be able to buy, book, and access any product, event, and service in the city


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All the city's experiences and services, from a single access point!

How many apps for deals, promotions, restaurants, or tourist information have you downloaded throughout your life?

Spoiler: Too many. unBlock brings together all the city services in a single unified and smart application.

Whether you're a resident or a tourist, it allows you to live a limitless personalized experience.
Unlock the smart face of the city.

Do you dare?

Have you seen anything like it before?

Kill your fomo, go unblocker

2x1 at the corner bar? Free fries at your favorite burger joint? A tour to discover the less mainstream side of the city? With unBlock, there's no need to make plans. Plans are made for you.

Tailored to your needs

A beer enthusiast, a vegan, a sushi lover, and a cocktail aficionado go out for dinner... And each of them receives a personalized promotion in line with their lifestyle!It's not a joke, it's the smart side.

With a commitment to sustainable mobility

Join the urban revolution with multimodal mobility. Travel using various modes of transportation and manage everything from the same app.

Added convenience with smart payments

Enter a museum, take public transportation, pay for your meals... You'll be able to pay, purchase, book, and access any product, event, and service in the city with unBlockpay.

Pssst, psst, do you have a business?
The marketplace for all cities and businesses that breaks the rules. We are the commercial partner for all businesses in Murcia.
Discover the advantages of including your business in unBlock. No technology costs, no commissions, no fees.

They are already unBlockers

I used to feel quite lazy about having to download an app for each thing. With unBlock, I have everything in one place!

Sofia, 28 years old.

The best part is that it shows you only what interests you.

Edu, 42 years old.

unBlock provides you with what you need when you need it, without being intrusive at all.

Andrea, 33 years old.

Ready to take the leap?

We await you in the smart side of the city.

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Organization: IVACE

File Number: IMINOD/2022/208

Program: Proyectos de innovación de PYME (INNOVA-CV)

Action: Innovación de PYME. Innovación en TEICS (INNOVATeiC-CV) 2022

Project: Design and development of a new platform for personalized tourism experiences.

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