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How many apps for offers, restaurants or tourist information have you downloaded throughout your life?

Spoiler: too many.unBlock brings together all the city's services in a single unified and smart application.Whether you are a resident or a tourist, youallows you to live a personalized experience without limits.

unBlock the smart face of the city.

Kill your fomo, go unblocker

2 for 1 in the corner bar?Fries for the face in your favorite burger joint? A tour to get to know the less mainstream side of the city? With unBlock you don't have to make plans. The plans are made for you.

Made for you

A beer lover, a vegan, a sushi lover and a cocktail man go to dinner... And each one of them receives a personalized promo according to their lifestyle!
It's not a joke, it's the smart face.

Trust yours

Become part of a network in which other unBlockers propose, suggest, value experiences and plans. The more we are, the better!

Pssst, psst do you have a business?
Discover the advantages of including your business in unBlock. More visibility, more communication, more return.

They are already unBlockers

I was too lazy to have to download an app for everything. With unBlock I have it all in one!

unBlock gives you what you need when you need it without being invasive.

The best thing is that it shows you only what interests you.

Andrea, 33 years old

Sofia, 28 years old

Edu, 42 years old

Ready to take the leap?

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We are waiting for you in the smart side of the city.

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